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That’s who you were, it’s not who you are;
not in His Eyes

Handcrafted; Heirloom, Keepsake and Remembrance Rosaries

“Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue”

The poem, “Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue” was written by American Roman Catholic poet Mary Dixon (Molly) Thayer (1896-1989).  It became well known when it was read by American Archbishop, Fulton J. Sheen during his television show in the 1950’s and he frequently recited the poem during his telecasts.

Archbishop Sheen was quoted as calling Mother Mary, “the world’s first love.” He often stated, “It is simply not possible to make too much fuss over a mother; especially the Mother of God, so special to Jesus, who created her and thought of her before he flung the cosmos into existence.”

This Rosary, part of the Heirloom, Keepsake and Remembrance Collection, is one of the “very special” crowned jewels in a Collection that is set apart from the other Rosary Collections; which are all lovingly, reverently and handcrafted by me at Thankful for the Scars. 

The Rosaries in the Heirloom, Keepsake and Remembrance Collection are created to place one thought in the prayer’s mind; Love.  Pure, Spotless, Perfect; Agape Love.  

The same Agape Love, I pray, that the prayer knows and experiences from Papa, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Father Joseph, the Heavenly Hosts and all of our “Brothers and Sisters” in Heaven, the Saints.

This Rosary was created to say, “thank you”; and to honor the love that I’ve received and still receive from my earthly mother and as a pure offering of my Love to my Mother, Mary; from me, her little boy.

The dark blue color was intentionally chosen for the beads to remind the prayer of Mother Mary’s dress and mantel which she has appeared in during different Church approved apparitions as well as the Biblical reference and Biblical symbolism associated with the color Blue.

Priestly garments were to include some blue, as well as altar cloths that covered the Ark of the Covenant and other sacred vessels in the tabernacle (Num 4:6-12); with Church tradition identifying Mother Mary as the “New Ark of the Covenant.”

The dried, white rose petals that bespeckle the Ave Maria and Pater Noster beads are meant to remind the prayer of Mother Mary’s perpetual Virginity and Purity, that She truly is the “Spotless and Pure Tabernacle” which housed the “Word made Flesh.”

Every bead in this Rosary was hand cut, adorned with rose petals, hand rolled and then oven cured.  Once cured and cooled, each bead was hand drilled and hand sealed with a matte finish to ensure durability for daily use.  Lastly, the Rosary was prayerfully and reverently hand assembled to create an Heirloom quality Sacramental.

The Rosary is given a Regal elegance by the use of an exquisite, handcrafted, Victorian Era, Cameo, Madonna and Child centerpiece and is further refined by the use of an Italian-made, Antique Silver, Fleur-De-Lis Crucifix.  The Fleur-De Lis symbolic of Lilies, the flower representing purity and chastity.

The Rosary is completed by the use of Fluted, Shiny Silver accents beads, Crystal spacer beads and Shiny Silver; Leaf-patterned and Open-flower Filigree, bead caps.

Each Keepsake and Remembrance Rosary requires approximately (8) eight hours to make and are created as a “labor of love.”  These Rosaries are truly the best of me; my humble offering of love to Our Lord, Our Lady and the prayer for which they are created.  


  • Dark Blue, Ave Maria beads, bespeckled throughout with white rose petals: 8mm
  • Dark Blue, Pater Noster beads, bespeckled throughout with white rose petals: 10mm
  • Crystal spacer beads: 3mm
  • Fluted, Bright Silver, accent beads: 4mm
  • Leaf-patterned, Bright Silver, bead caps (Ave Maria beads)
  • Open-flower, Filigree, Bright Silver, bead caps (Pater Noster beads)
  • Antique Silver, Victorian Era, Madonna and Child, Cameo, Centerpiece: Approximately; 1” x 1 ½”
  • Italian-made, Antique Silver, Fleur-De-Lis, Crucifix: Approximately; 1 ⅜” x 2 ¼”
  • Rosary Length: Approximately; 24”